Note: There are many Markdown compilers to choose from beyond markdown-it. We can use this to compile .md files into .html files. That's not the only thing you have to do because markdown doesn't share the same defaults as html. Working with Markdown files in Visual Studio Code is simple, straightforward, and fun. Scroll the Markdown editor and the preview is scrolled to match its viewport: You can disable scroll synchronization using the markdown.preview.scrollPreviewWithEditor and markdown.preview.scrollEditorWithPreview settings. We need to install gulp both globally (-g switch) and locally: Note: gulp-markdown-it is a Gulp plug-in for the markdown-it module we were using before. Tip: You can add in your own User Defined Snippets for Markdown. When working with a Markdown preview to the side of your editor, VS Code can synchronize the view of the editor and the preview. A: Not in VS Code out of the box but there are spell checking extensions. at the command line. To do this, run Terminal > Configure Tasks and click Create tasks.json file from templates. Disables additional security in the preview window. You can also enable Auto Save to make things even more streamlined.

Version 1.51 is now available!

Take a look at User Defined Snippets to find out how. You can also enable Auto Save to make things even more streamlined. We then put these files in the same directory. Here's a set of example extensions that customize the preview: You can also use your own CSS in the Markdown preview with the "markdown.styles": [] setting. The sample Markdown file did not have any compile problems, so by running the task all that happened was a corresponding sample.html file was created. the current folder open in VS Code. You can view the preview side-by-side (kb(markdown.showPreviewToSide)) with the file you are editing and see changes reflected in real-time as you edit. I promise it is simpler than it sounds! This behavior can be disabled using the markdown.preview.scrollPreviewWithEditorSelection setting. Here is an example with a very simple file. This allows script execution and also allows content to be loaded over http. To complete the tasks integration with VS Code, we will need to modify the task configuration from before to set a watch on the default Gulp task we just created. VS Code integrates with Markdown compilers through the integrated task runner.

If you want to stop the watch, you can press kb( again and click Terminate Running Task in the message box. We can do so with the same task runner integration as before, but with a few modifications. This generates a tasks.json file in your workspace .vscode folder with the following content: To use markdown-it to compile the Markdown file, change the contents as follows: Tip: While the sample is there to help with common configuration settings, IntelliSense is available for the tasks.json file as well to help you along.