Matrix Audio Element X ($3000) VS Topping D90 ($700).

With 1.4kg it isn’t exactly heavy, but it also didn’t get pulled down from either the XLR or RCA cables I attached to it. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I have chosen a silver unit, but people who like it darker, can also get a black version. Have you considered exchanging the unit in case yours is faulty? Since Topping is trying to make high-performance DACs at affordable prices, for the moment a single AK4499 design made a lot more sense to them. Finally, an AKM based DAC with slam, speed and impact, the end must be near for sure. For me, the solution to counteract that flat sound is to pair it with a warm sounding amplifier, like a Feliks Echo, or a Flux Acoustics FCN10. Personally, I don’t give much for the Hi-Res Audio logo. However, do note that these 3 digital inputs will be limited to 24 bits/192kHz files. Same applies to DAC chips, as strange as it might sound, bigger DAC chips means better performance and much higher power consumption. I still think DX7 PRO is an extraordinary DAC and headphone amp combo but as a DAC only unit, D90 pulls ahead on every key aspect. Have you downloaded the latest drivers and firmware from Topping's website? D90 feels like a race car by comparison and can behave as one, D70 on the other hand can’t keep up with a faster pace. Too bad no comparisons, this review feels incomplete... Black Friday & Cyber Monday Audio Buying Guide! Did you test with a different USB cable? The product remains Topping’s sole property and can be requested back at any time. The button on the left hand side also turns the unit off when you long-press it. Firstly I would like to thank Topping for sending me this sample to review. You can play the music stored on your phone or tablet, or you can use streaming apps like Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz and so on. Moving on to modern versions of Jazz, like zen-funk of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin of Switzerland, a band that I am very fond of.
Welcome to Sound Perfection Reviews, a blog dedicated to audio equipment reviews. Since then they have gained in popularity in our community. In addition, after a few seconds of no playback, I heard an audible pop. Sound wise the D90 delivers a true to source sound that is detailed, open and neutral, but without a cold or clinical tonality. With D90 that feeling is multiplied and I am pretty sure I am hearing the airiest performance in a delta-sigma DAC I’ve heard so far. To let the DAC chip, breathe and work at its maximum potential two femtosecond crystal clocks from Accusilicon were used controlled by the Altera FPGA for the best results. Any reason why this isn't on your recommend list? The following can be found on Topping’s website: TOPPING is the top. D90 feels on the heavier side, with such a small foot-print and having 1.4Kg (about 3 pounds) of weight I feel its case is thicker than usual and I’m sure its toroidal transformer added a bit of weight too. Hello ! Apart from that, it is very much the same in terms of connectivity with their D70 and DX7 PRO balanced DACs. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You need time understanding and appreciating them but when you do, you will not feel whole again without them. いよいよ私のクソ駄耳では聞き分けられない領域にsymphonic-mpdはいってしまったのか... と、その事をとある人に語ったならば「そろそろジャイアンの環境は頭打ちを生じているのかもしれない」とアドバイスを受けたのであります。んじゃ、その頭打ち状態を打ち破るにはどうすれば良いのか?いっそDACを替えちゃうのはどうでしょう?というお話になりまして、ジャイアンの嗜好性を考えるとAKMのAK4499搭載DACがいいんじゃないかとアドバイスされたのであります。曰わく、ジャイアンは低音厨だから、低域の張り出しがあるAK4499オススメじゃん!, という訳で、密林地帯でAK4499を搭載したTopping D90(MQAじゃない方)を注文したのであります。, 驚異のS/N 140dB“極限を超えた”旭化成エレの新DAC「AK4499」の秘密, 上流にはAllo Digione Signatureを載せたRPi4。その下流には既に発売から7年経っているFOSTEX HP-A8。さらに下流にプリメインアンプとしてSONY TA-DA7000ES。スピーカーにはSONY SS-7330Aという布陣です。. It's so neutral that it is ruler flat, to some that is excellent, to others it may sound lifeless. On the contrary, it again opened my eyes how good a digital audio source can sound at such a low price to pay. I feel an additional layer of air around every note. That wasn’t the case and the sad truth hit me again, D90 is sounding wider, deeper, more holographic and more layered than my own $3K DAC unit. RCA and XLR outputs can be separately disabled. You can see the selected input in the top left corner and the current sampling rate below it. Required fields are marked *. Also – upsampling to DSD 256 is quite special on this unit. Thank you very much. Apart from this, the USB receiver is the latest one from XMOS so you can be sure the USB connection will be noise and glitch-free. It has USB / I2S / Coaxial / Optical / AES and Bluetooh inputs. (None of the cables cost more than $15.) Nope. レベルは違いますが、DC-Yarrowを導入してからTerra-Berry DAC2 の出音がやたら良いなーと感じていたのです。なのでAK4499は気になっていました。 D90 is like that type of movie, where you would laugh, cry, feel good and sad in a span of 2 hours, it plays tricks on me and it will play them with you too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are a few buttons doing exactly nothing on the remote. Distortion levels are way beyond the capability of our hearing, the frequency response is as flat as you can get, all wrapped up in a neat package. When you browse through the user manual, you will see that they provide measurements done with Audio Precision gear. Your email address will not be published.