Is there anyway to get some Male animals and female I notice that the elk is a bull but with no antlers am just wondering how meny there are because it seems its mostly one or the other. I can't find horse cremello gold dutchwarmblood. RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_ is RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_01 If you want to skip the drawn-out opening act, and skip right to the far more action-packed second chapter, download the RDR2 Intro Completed Save File mod. Then check our RDR2 Mods category and scroll through the optional files. The Gator is AC_Alligator_02 (I believe) and the Bison has its own model name. Reply … Tag this mod Description; Files 4; Images 8; Videos 0; Articles 1; Docs; …

Make Arthur Morgan the Joker! Are you aware of any other names for peds like John or Dutch and how I can get their different outfits from the chapters throughout the game? Too good to be true?


There’s also the mythical missing princess you can adopt the skin of by typing “CS_PrincessIsabeau” into the “models” line of the mod’s Ist.ini file.

× Dutch to Micah. And yes I'm talking about modding on the consoles which is able to be done. Link to Red Dead Redemption 2 by selecting a button and using the embed code provided, Red Dead Redemption 2 is postponed to October, Watch the new trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2. Check out this RDR2 mod list for the full selection of beasts and background characters you can possess. MP_U_M_M_BUYER_REGULAR_01        (01 - 09)     (new 17 ped), Why do the animals in the legend of variation all use the same name “MP_A_C_Alligator_01”,So how can we use this address to get the other two legendary animals?.   They're just invisible when I use them. How to install Red Dead Redemption 2 mods? With this handy fix, you can remove black bars from cutscenes, cinematic viewpoints, shop menus, and other areas of the game that crop the edges of the screen at a 3440x1440 resolution. I would love to spawn in a horse that looks like Baylock or John's 1899 horse, A_C_Horse_Gang_Micah and A_C_Horse_John_EndlessSummer, I can’t find Bonnie on the Red dead redemption 2 PS4 save editor, bonjour, avez vous les chevaux de la mise a jour naturalist. If you’re playing the cowboy classic in 21:9 aspect ratio, the RDR2 FOV Widescreen Mod is a game-changer. RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_0 is RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_01 RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALE is RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALES_01 Im currently using Rampage and I can't spawn any of them . A few of the ped names seem to be cut off though: Somone here knows the ped name of the mummy? Learn more, Transform into an animal, skip the prologue or turn Arthur into the Joker - these PC mods are the best in the West. You will receive a verification email shortly. Çıplak yüzen yabancı için ped modelini bilen var mı?

CS_MP_MRADLER I want to see all of the multiplayer legendary animals up close in single player which I assume are the MP_A_C animals because they have a new set of options in the outfit changer, but they're all invisible. Red Dead Online. Then take a closer look at our RDR2 Mods category and browse through the optional files. RCSP_NATIVE_AMERICANFATHERS is RCSP_NATIVE_AMERICANFATHERS_MALES_01 CS_MP_MARSHALL_DAVIES

does anyone know the ped model for madam nazar? RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_ is RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_01 CS_MP_LANGSTON … hey can someone tell me all the ped names of the van der linde gang? Posted December 17, 2019

RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALE is RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALES_01 I know they are outfit variants but which ones are the legendary animals?


While some people think altering a studio’s artistic vision is an unforgivable skin, virtual outlaws who just want to see Rockstar’s Western through a slightly different colour palate a look.

Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Red Dead Redemption 2’s Master Hunter 9 Challenge tasks you to “kill an Opossum playing possum.” Good news: Opossums tend to play possum a lot. i would like to know this too, a wild guess but try for example: It would be great If we could stable gang horses without disappearing or reversing to Kentucky or Morgan.