This is not recommended for shared computers. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, The Polar-Aligner is a great tool to align your equatorial telescope mount.

I had read that simply connecting to the internet would solve the issue, and that works for me.

So i suspect this might be related to win10 power managment. Don't know if this means they'll neglect trying to solve the problem properly.

The PoleMaster software appears to start correctly. Cabling and powered hubs did not have any effect. In Windows task manager I can see the Polemaster software CPU usage drops to zero when the mp4 video finishes. 225 + shipping . Next time I'm going to try a video of In-A-Godda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly .

3. One other thing that makes this happen is if a message is appearing "off the screen" or under the panel that you are looking at. ZephyrPro works as a proper anemometer, just using your smartphone microphone! Seems to be more stable, for now.

Very possible. Ok - think I might have solved this one..... so QHYCCD support put me on the right track. But when I click on the "connect" tab I get the message "Not found QHYCCD PoleMaster equipment." Think about it.

It could also be tied to an implementation of a specific hardware type (intel vs nvidia) and there is some sort of timing issue with how polemaster is updating the screen. Several functions may not work.

Check out its features: Accuracy: Your best polar alignment can now be achieved with a PoleMaster in the order of a maximum 30-arcsecond range.

The only other thing I noticed was that Polemaster, at least in my case, seems to just operate more smoothly in general and give a better image of the pole when I use my Mac vs my windows 10 Dell but the results are the same or either machine. The video "workaround" works for me. If I connect polemaster to this port, everything okay. If it happens again I'll maybe try uninstalling & reinstall. Redownloading and reinstalling the software made no difference. Weight 115G.

If I power it on first, then the computer never connects to the camera. Application required to perform precise polar alignment. When C-States is on in the BIOS, the computer is prone to images stuck, not smooth. At first I thought i had a bad driver or something else on my laptop.

So, the only combination that I haven't tried is a powered USB3 hub. Dimentions .

The second thing that I would do is to double check all of the power settings on the USB hubs in the computer. Put the latest qhyccd.dll in the polemaster software folder. As soon as the mp4 video finished the Polemaster software froze again. However, I've since wiped that laptop and also tried 3 other laptops and all have the same issue. 14 Mar 2016: PoleMaster … I went into "power settings -> additional power settings -> advanced" and changed two settings. One is to DISABLE the setting that allows the OS to selectively sleep/turn off USB ports. mPolemaster is a polar axis calibration tool used on the mobile phone end. I started having the exact same issue with my PoleMaster. To me it's really hilarious because the guide camera ZWO290 Mini and the focuser Optec Focus Lynx go through the hub on the 071 and connect every time. It also happens on two different Windows 10 systems and I've tried new USB cables and the ONLY thing that works is to plug the Polemaster into a hub (powered or unpowered, it doesn't seem to make a difference). Edited by HxPI, 16 September 2019 - 02:38 AM. 20 Dec 2016: PoleMaster adapter for Vixen AP and Astro-Physics AP900 & AP1200 are now available. I think it is clear that this is a software issue that QHY ought to man up and fix. My first issue with Polemaster software (win 7) was a usb problem and I was able to fix it with tweaking the device driver on the USB port that was causing a conflict.

20 Oct 2016: PoleMaster software for Mac OSX is available now.

The Polemaster image started to refresh straight away. I had the same issue with PM freezing.