The 2 variables, CXX and CXXFLAGS, are the 2012-05-16 22:47:57 補充: 謝謝Louis.阿霹.Kevin.First L.DaSaGwa的回覆. The question is how Tom has passed the exam. 使役動詞のmakeは、受動態になると原形不定詞 → to不定詞になります。 We were made to work till late last night. A (Getting), 19. it should be the name of the executable. Rectangle.h, which includes Point.h). ( A ) q u e s t i o n i n g ( B ) t o q u e s t i o n ( C ) q u e s t i o n e d ( D ) b e i n g q u e s t i o n e d 0 �T{ 0D 0 ㉐g 0,gL��v+Ta/f���R�@b�N(ub e q u e s t i o n e d ����OU �0 2 5 . I ate a hamburger and drank some coke for breakfast this morning. For a vitamin C moisturizing serum, start by mixing the vitamin C powder and hot water. 希平方 自動接收並記錄您電腦和瀏覽器上的資料,包括 IP 位址、希平方 cookie 中的資料、軟體和硬體屬性以及您瀏覽的網頁紀錄。, 隱私權政策修訂 The owner had his daughter show me around. uppercase) or makefile (all lowercase). 類似的問題. T h e s h i r t i s s o d i r t y t h a t i t n e e d s _ _ _ _ _ _ . ( A ) t o w o r k ( B ) w o r k i n g ( C ) f o r w o r k i n g ( D ) t o w o r k i n g 0 �T{ 0B 1 0 . ( A ) w o r k i n g ( B ) t o w o r k ( C ) w o r k e d ( D ) t o w o r k i n g 0 �T{ 0A 1 1 . 這一句則是說我停下看電視這個動作。, She remembered to lock the door. line starting with a pound sign (#) is a comments. A  8. Her father does not let her go out at night. T h e c h i l d r e n i n t h e o r p h a n g e r e q u i r e _ _ _ _ _ _ . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 請問 Students practice written English by writing compositions. The girl wants her boyfriend to apologize. T h e s i l k w o r m i s a n i n s e c t w o r t h _ _ _ _ _ _ . (トムの家は燃えている =on fire: 火事の状態), Tom kept himself in good health. I went to the post office to busy some stamps. 哈, 希望不會讓老師捧腹大笑, 我覺得是其實習慣問題吧,從小我們就說國語,看到一個破音字,怎麼要知道唸得是哪個音呢?好了。了解。我們不用查字典就知道這兩個了的發音不一樣。因為環境聽到,從小學習,所以我們就知道了啊。, 外國人對於動詞三態我覺得應該也差不多,你不斷地聽到別人怎麼說,你就會這麼說,有沒有他們不知道的字,也會有,不知道的時候當然也跟我們一樣去查字典。不過先上網找也很快。幾乎所有的字典的動詞都會有,有時候有寫,通常沒寫的就是規則變化,不規則的話都會列出來:), 有個小問題 Citroen C5 1.6HDI 110HP VTR+. / It’s a high price to pay. ( A ) a r e ( B ) i s ( C ) h a v e ( D ) h a s 0 �T{ 0B 9 . 她記得去關門。(記得去做某件事), She remembered locking the door. I love to meet new people. You generate these object files by compiling the corresponding ( 登出 /  Rectangle.cpp includes Rectangle.h, which the song makes me “want to sing a song" 是受詞補語嗎 ?所以不用關代嗎? 動詞的第三個形態,有時簡稱PP,規則變化在動詞後面加ed,不規則變化需要查字典,字典通常只會寫出不規則的變化:worked, played, eaten, drunk, b. 我看到他在打籃球。(可能路過看到一下下), I saw him scolded by his mother. 0 T h e e v e n t i s n o t w o r t h y _ _ _ _ _ _ . You must end a line with a \ 某些特定的形容詞後面會接不定詞,尤其是It’s adj + to + V1 的句型。常用在一般的觀察(general observation), It is + adj + to + for + someone + to + V1. Mia. endstream endobj 107 0 obj <>stream . Looking at the plans, I gradually came to see where the problem lay. She pointed to a spot on the map with her finger. 4. go + V-ing 表示從事某樣活動,中間不可以接to。go to + place 用在去某個地方. depends on. generated from their corresponding .cpp files, so all we need So, the first target could have been written: We have only described the basics of make here. D  6. We decided to open a store. My only purpose is _____ to Disneyland. ( A ) t o h e l p p o o r p e o p l e ( B ) t o h e l p t h e p o o r ( C ) t o h e l p i n g p o o r p e o p l e ( D ) f o r h e l p t h e p o o r 0 �T{ 0C 0 ㉐g 0 d e v o t e o n e s l i f e t o + V - i n g �{s���e& & ��R�e& & � t h e p o o r = p o o r p e o p l e ��z�N � 2 8 . 英文. B. 記得回家要打電話給我:Remember to give me a call when you get me. B (to change)  16. use the compiler again (although this time it will just pass the They have worked for this company since 2000. d. 用在語語態助動詞搭配,加上have與V3,表示對於過去的推斷或表達與過去事實相反的假設等。. A. . 變更 ), 您的留言將使用 Google 帳號。 I used to go swimming three times a week. You make me crazy. (くつろいでね =あなた自身を家にいる状態にしてね). It’s so nice of you to share all these materials with people, even those you do not know !! My family is planning to stay here for a week.(我家人計畫在這裡待上一個禮拜。) ( A ) l e a r n a n d w o r k ( B ) l e a r n i n g a n d w o r k ( C ) l e a r n i n g a n d w o r k i n g ( D ) l e a r n i n g a n d t o w o r k 0 �T{ 0C 2 6 . 動詞的第四個形態是在動詞原形的後面加ing (V-ing):working, playing, eating, drinking. P l a y i n g b a s k e t b a l l w i t h m y f r i e n d s _ _ _ _ _ _ f u n . ( A ) f r o m ( B ) a b o u t ( C ) a b o v e ( D ) o n 0 �T{ 0B 2 0 . 基礎文法L11 第十三章 動名詞與不定詞                    Jessie Lin  P.8, 4. 不知道有沒有寫錯 請幫我看看 謝謝. (我們決定要開一間店。) I would like to invite you over.(我想要邀請你過來。), 但是!並不是所有 to 後面一定只能加上原形動詞喔。to 是「介係詞」,後面需要名詞作為受詞,因此也會碰到 to 後面加上「名詞」、「動名詞」的狀況。, 像是國中學到的片語:look forward to。這個片語用法是 look forward to something,表示「期待某事物」,既然是事物,就要以名詞形式呈現,因此原本如果是一個動作的話,我們就要改寫成動名詞形式。例如:, We’re looking forward to seeing you in person.(我們很期待見到你本人。), 回到這位學員問的句子,come down to 用法也是 come down to something「歸結為某事物」,to 後面要接的是一件事物,因此性質也要是名詞。所以原本的動作 make,就要以動名詞形式改寫,變成 making 囉。, 所以當 to 後面要接上一件事物的時候,就會需要把動詞的部份轉化為動名詞,才能接在後面。以下也列舉出一些最常見、考試也比較有機會碰到的例子:, The government is committed to improving the education system.(政府致力於改善教育體制。), Anna is addicted to watching Korean dramas.(Anna 很著迷於看韓劇。), Mother Teresa devoted her life to helping the poor.(德蕾莎修女將她的人生奉獻給救濟窮人上。), He’s not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road.(他不習慣靠左行駛。), 所以下次看到 to 後面沒有加原形動詞,就別再大驚小怪啦!希平方【老師救救我】,我們下週再見!. directly or indirectly), they all have to be recompiled and linked Make %PDF-1.5 %���� Make utility and make files: Since it is tedious to recompile pieces of a program when something changes, people often use the make utility instead.. Make needs a make file that encodes both the dependencies between files and the commands needed to generate files.. written 是過去分詞嗎? 我不太清楚為什麼是用written Her father does not let her go out at night. have, get 或其他使役動詞後面接的受詞(多為事物,也可為人)表達了接受其後, 基礎文法L11 第十三章 動名詞與不定詞                    Jessie Lin  P.7. executable. B  12.C, 15. 3. changed. Only break lines where space would normally go. D ( to seeing)  22. B : T h a t s a g o o d i d e a . 回答本問題. B (finding)  18. My roommate offered (help) ___________ me with my English. together. We finished (eat) ____________ around seven. 感謝您使用我們的產品和服務(以下簡稱「本服務」),本服務是由 希平方 所提供。 H e s s u c h a s t r a n g e p e r s o n ; t h e r e s n o _ _ _ _ _ _ w h a t h e l l d o n e x t . will use them to figure out a compilation command. 當您註冊 希平方 平台時,我們會詢問您姓名、電子郵件、出生日期、職位、行業及個人興趣等資料。在您註冊完 希平方 帳號並登入我們的服務後,我們就能辨認您的身分,讓您使用更完整的服務,或參加相關宣傳、優惠及贈獎活動。希平方 也可能從商業夥伴或其他公司處取得您的個人資料,並將這些資料與 希平方 所擁有的您的個人資料相結合。, 我們所收集的個人資料, 將用於通知您有關 希平方 最新產品公告、軟體更新,以及即將發生的事件,也可用以協助改進我們的服務。, 我們也可能使用個人資料為內部用途。例如:稽核、資料分析、研究等,以改進 希平方公司 產品、服務及客戶溝通。, 瀏覽資料的收集與使用 I stopped to watch TV. What seems (be) ____________ the problem? 指考戰士 2年以上以前. 用來表達目的相當於in order to + V1。for 也可以用來表目的,但是後面只可以接名詞,不可以接動名詞. 4. 外國人如何查動詞三態的呢? Any 3. They talked about not taking a vacation this year. later be run under a debugger). They couldn’t help crying after they lost the game. dependency chart. continue it on the next line. needs to be regenerated if certain files change. 不然不就是兩個動詞, 這跟關係代名詞不相關,是動詞的接續。因為 make 後面的動詞用原型,want 的後面是用 to 加原型, 老師您好, In general, the form for setting a variable is: (The space around the = is optional for our version of Try using the make file we've given you. Rectangle.o, since the files those depend on have not 動詞三態用在哪裡?什麼時候用動詞原型?什麼時候用不定詞?什麼時候用動名詞?什麼是現在分詞?什麼又是過去分詞呢?天啊!, 呵呵,不要捉狂雖然動詞是個令人捉膜不定的變色龍,今天下午潔西難得頭不痛,大腦有點清楚,整理了一下動詞的用法,想了很久,改了又改,花了兩個小時寫了第一頁跟第二頁,真的有用力思考,用潔西最近非常笨的大腦整理思考,想想怎麼樣能說的讓同學容易理解,希望看完這兩頁有比較清楚有概念。主要是說明每個動詞形態的常見用法,也算是個整理。晚上上課的時候,同學似乎有些理解,耶,開心。, 這一課主要就是說動名詞與不定詞,另外還有用法,用在哪裡。 請勿任意轉載或公開使用。潔西寫講義花了很多時間精力跟心血, 雖然校對技巧很差,雖然裡面也可能有錯誤,呵呵,還是要尊重一下原作者喔,謝謝:) 又摘要使用的練習題來自下面的書,所有版權屬原公司所有。摘自Azar的Fundamentals of English Grammar,Longman的Grammar Express,Oxford的Oxford Practice Grammar,另外還有Cambridge的English Grammar in Use等書。, 基礎文法L11 第十三章 動名詞與不定詞                    Jessie Lin  P.1, 動詞像變色龍一樣,在不同時態下,不同情態下,會配合時態或其他動詞作不同的變化。記清楚動詞的四個面貌跟用法對於學好英文有很大的幫助。, a. � �1 � �1 F �D b4 F �D �D � � �D �1 �1 p�V��� �/ z> �D F �G 0 �G �D eL �C eL �D eL � �D P 3 L Y3 6 �D �3 , �3 � 3 3 3 >F >F �D 3 3 3 �G b4 b4 b4 b4 � � � �/ $ � � � �/ � � T � � � � � � � ���� �e�lf�L�: �R T^� N0�Ux�L� 0( 8 4 L� �kL�0 R qQ0 R) 1 . I go to shopping. I went to the post office for some stamps. ��C�Q���U������EK��BNTra~f� A*׎��Du�"����8�rRe�Z�Uↄ�aL���i�zB\���������Z��2�c��� o�������L���� �s]/�i�-��h���/4�G�/"1�]��0u��a�h����Mo�@czM�� ��$�#��K�@kQ��(4pL�,4�a1�]��ɣ��Rc0��v�F'4z�)��&J2��� ,5�S����\47��f���PnX8� �rxè�i��Q�N���r��Pb5��=B����Yp�kP��u�)n�@e���C,'�~�&d�T�(_ė�e�X�8w�����3�.�6EJtf�� |�q�Y�9���M%[��P�:�) >���DK���E��x������6fA�,R]�NJ��Xs��xu�^n�?�!�22�!|��5�� 1�� �r��K�l�#˸�%�0��l�����&�~�O�m�'�C3e��A. For this example, we will examine the parts of this Makefile, which generates the executable I need an organizer to help me remember my schedule. hޜXێG}���GŽ}�H�}D(HI���ă�K@�E��wNUw��3cE�]���:u��b�(d�1�����Cw��������Ah���I:ar�)�݉WO�*� V�Jk�����J*|d��n�d&�퍁����f簯|���Ih�2V� ���dL�� L�e��d��t/��.