These instructions were provided to address a specific accessibility provided by TYT to its DMR radios. Convert Spotify audio, playlist, podcast to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC with ID3 tags retained. However, if it is only type accepted for Part 15B, it can legally be used for amateur radio operation only. 9 点 Thank You!

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Just bough a MD-UV390 I unlocked it fine no problem it does TX on the hamband but when creating a channel for a repeater (RX 438.025 Mhz and RX 433.025MHZ) CC5, TS2 when I push the PTT after a couple of seconds I get the repeater not found tone, the repeater is right here in my shack.

I had a secondary repeater with the same talk group programmed into my radio on the B side so I could jump around. There is only one place to go There is a menu on the left that will direct you to your purpose (Register, Support etc.) Radios that are locked will display frequencies outside of the 150-160 MHz and 450-460 MHz range as 150.000 or 450.000 when the radio is in frequency mode.

The TYT MD-9600 must be running firmware version 6.09 or higher to unlock using these steps. After the setting and editing, click on "Convert" button and begin to convert M4V videos to MP4 on your Mac. Those options are preset by TYT based on the version exported to a specific region or country. There are two ways to import M4V into NoteBurner, you can directly drag M4V videos into the program or import them via the "Add Movies" button on the top left.

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I had an odd thing happen during an Emergency Communications Exercise last week.

The radio is having none of it, when I key up the mic, nothing happens on screen and no signal is sent, and nothing is received from my handie, which is set to the same repeater and works perfectly.

DMR-BWT510 は、MP4に対応していましたか、古いディーガは取り込み出来ないのでは、出来るのは最新のBZT9000、BZT920.820.720.620.520 でしょう。 1人がナイス!しています.

The latest firmware should be available from the manufacturer's web site at . Convert Spotify Song, Playlist, or Podcast to MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC. Now I want to work on the code plug and add frequencies, but when I try and read the existing code plug the CPS software asks for a Password. Note, you must remove vehicle or power supply power - you can't just turn off the radio with the power button. Get all the latest info and DMR News via our Facebook Group.

あわせて知りたい. A locked radio that has been programmed to frequencies outside of the locked range does not need to be reprogrammed. Hello, If you are in the US and want to unlock this radio for operation outside the ham bands, you will need to contact the dealer from whom you purchased it or TYT for support, and at your own risk. Because the recording process and conversion process are separated, this method is a little bit time consuming and according to some tests, it only works for some protected M4V movies.

Our name is NOT intended to be derogatory in anyway, but it’s a reality for all of us when we first pick up a DMR radio. Same Day Shipping!

The answer is yes. You may need to contact your dealer or TYT direct for support. NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter can perfectly help you to convert not only Apple Music, but also iTunes audiobooks, M4P music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC format. After you launch NoteBurner DRM M4V Converter, you can add M4V files to the conversion. Hold down the P1 and P2 buttons on the front of the radio. ディーガ( DMR-BWT510)に録画した番組を持ち出さ … The transition from an analog state-of-mind for all hams is kind of a stretch. The forum is free to join. I bought the tyt th9000d (400-490) i think it call the 440 model.

Prior versions will need special unlock software. We do not sell the TH-9000D, so we do not have unlock instructions for it. Thanks in advance The TYT MD-2017 must be running firmware version 4.06 or higher to unlock using these steps.

You aren't alone! Learn about what a Radio ID is and where you get one for FREE. But if you want to put the DRM M4V videos on third-party players, you have to remove the DRM protection form the M4V movies firstly and then convert the movies to popular video formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. I have an Alinco and an Anytone and no problem with those, what am I missing while creating the channel for the repeater? ブルーレイディーガ dmr-bwt550 の後に発売された製品 . Or can I even do that given they are copy protected? Hi, I have a th8600 tyt, and is islocked in frecuency,how do can unlock please? The FCC does not allow the sale or use of a radio transceiver capable of operating outside the frequency range for which it is approved.

Anyone have any ideas why this change would occur during radio use? 家電、AV機器. M4V is a file container format developed by Apple and is very close to MP4 format but protected with Apple's FairPlay DRM copyright policy. Sign up for our newsletter today! It sure was for us.

Don’t feel bad. Thanks. We do not carry or support the TH-UV8000D, so we have not information on it. If the radio is labeled as a "440" model, it means that it is intended for amateur radio use only, on the amateur radio 70cm band between 420 and 450 MHz.

← Previous Post Next Post →. You can find instructions to unlock the VFO mode of the TYT-TH-UV88 in the article How to unlock and activate VFO mode on the TYT-UV88. ナイス! その他の回答をもっと見る. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Hi Kris, The manual lists the options for those bands and frequency ranges because there are multiple versions of the TH-9800 available for export to various countries that allow the legal use of the radio on those bands and frequencies. Help Why Doesn’t My Call Sign and Name Show Up On Other User’s Displays. It is very frustrating as it took me out of the exercise. Will unlocking the MD-UV380 enable the radio to transmit on FRS/GMRS? Don’t feel bad. M4V Converter Plus Tips >

We live in very mountainous terrain which requires me to jump around repeaters depending on my physical location. This way is direct and easy. 66-88 MHz is primarily used by FM radio and television commercial broadcasting is not authorized for voice transmission by private users, hence that version of the radio is generally unavailable for sale by dealers in the US.

Apple puts the DRM protected M4V on its iTunes to encode movies, TV episodes, music videos, etc which means a M4V movie purchased or rented from iTunes Store is only allowed to be played on Apple devices because of Digital Rights Management. only found 4.05 , need 4.06. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You can download the trial version to have a test.